Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Animax Cosplay in Grand Indonesia

wow, long time no see..
oh my gosh!
i didn't update my blog for a week???

well, i'm quite busy lately..
i have no time to play with my nendo or update my blog..
but now, i have something special for all of you..

on Sunday, i went to cosplay competition held by Animax..
actually, i brought three nendos, Hachune Miku, Kagamine Len, and Kokonoe Rin
i hope that i will get good pictures for them because in Grand Indonesia (GI) there are several places that look really nice.

when we, me and my friends, get there, we saw a lot of people cosplaying their anime character..
but, instead of taking photo with them, we took our own photos,.
then i took my Kokonoe Rin and asked my friend to take a picture of her
he has a good camera that i don't have..

and these are the results

Sakura tree
when i took this picture, i was under the tree, ready myself to catch her if she fall
luckily she didn't fall

Yeaay!! i'm tall (in fact she is climbing the tree)
i wonder why there's no leaves in the tree
then i realized that the tree is to high so that we can't capture the leaves

behind Kokonoe is a pond full of fish
all of my friend commented that she will fall to the pond and they will laugh me if it is happened
but, she didn't
i love this picture..

well, i think that's all the good picture that my friend took
and when i got home, Hachune Miku and Kagamine Len were angry with me because i didn't took their picture at all

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Caramel Dance

Because kagamiku is happy, she danced yesterday..
the dance called caramel dance..
and this is how she dance

she is cute, isn't she?
let's take a closer look

I'm melted...
you can check youtube and search for caramel dance..
(she makes me want to buy another miku..T_T)

Weird Candy

A week ago, my cousin gave me several candy that she bought in Singapore..
one of them is Wonka's weird Rope
i'm trying not to open it because i want to enjoy it someday alone..
so i left it in my bedroom near my nendo's place..
suddenly, when i got home yesterday, it was opened already..
this was what happened..

Kokonoe : What is this??
Churuya : i don't know
Kokonoe : let's open it!! help me to bite the end..
Churuya : okay..(*bite*)

Kokonoe : Hueee??? it's weird..
Churuya : but it smells sweet, maybe it taste good..

Kokonoe Rin : let me taste it..

Kokonoe : it's Delicious..
Churuya : give me some..

so, the candy was eaten by them..
i haven't taste it even a little..
too bad..

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Another Bad News

Remember that i ordered Shana red hair from my friend, sky_dreamer?
too bad, the shop that he ordered Shana said that it is out of stock..
so the conclusion is, i'm still searching for Shana Red hair..
hope i can find it somewhere with cheaper price..

Who's That ????

Yesterday, when i got home, i was told by mother that there's a package for me..
i was wondering what it is..
is it Hachune Miku or my Gundam??

then i went to my bedroom and look a big box of package..
i assumed that it was my Gundam, but..
it is my Hachune..

then i open the box excitedly..
try to figure out how many faces will i get and what are the accessories..
and here it goes..

and again..
one blank face and stickers...
this is one of the reasons why i bought her...

so i take a few pictures of her with kagamiku (miku miku kagami)..
please enjoy..

Kagamiku : Hey !! Who is She??? Why she looks like me??
Hachune : ?????

Kagamiku : hahaha, but she's fatter..
Hachune : errrr... What????

Hachune : Am i that fat???

Monday, March 15, 2010

Shana Red Hair

i get Shana red hair in a normal price..
i exchange it with Nanoha..
my friend, sky_dreamer, want to buy nanoha
so i sold him my nanoha and he buy me Shana red hair..
because the price of shana is cheaper than nanoha, so he should pay me the rest..
can't wait until April when he get back to Indonesia

Sacrifice for another thing..

because of the miss money management, i have to dropped some of the ordered nendos..
the activity that i join in will have an event that make me to buy some stuffs..
it's costly..
so that i have to dropped my ordered nendo in order to buy that stuffs..

i dropped the Arawn, i sell the Nanoha (sold out), and i sell Marissa..
for Fate i'm willing to sell it too..
but it hasn't been released now so i must wait until April..

actually i want them..
but not really want them or badly want them..
in fact, i bought nanoha and fate for investment..
so, i need to sacrifice some things to get another one..
so sad...

Another Cosplay Competition

On Saturday, there was a cosplay competition
i brought Kagamine Len with me..
he was so happy because this is the first time for him to go outside the house with me..
he play his keyboard and start to sing..

he is so sweet..
i like his cheek..
so chubby..
maybe i will take him again to go to another place sometimes..

Friday, March 12, 2010

Kagamine Len Has Arrived

It's quite a long time that i don't update my blog..
well, as you know, this blog is talking about me and my nendoroids..
since i did nothing with my nendo for the last 2 days so i don't update my blog..

but, yesterday, my Kagamine Len has arrived..
at first i observed the box (as usual), and checked it carefully..
at first, i got suspicious with the box..
the seal in the box is scratched a little..
but when i checked it clearly, it's bran new..
so i opended the box and grab my cute little Len out of the box..

Len comes with 3 faceplate and 1 blank faceplate..
i'm looking for the sticker for the blank face, but i couldn't find it..
then my eyes directed to the tape in the box..
i try to find out what it is and then..

it's the sticker !!!
cute isn't it?
we can create any kind of face for Len..
but i decided to keep the face blank because i don't want to use the sticker..

so i took pictures of him..
he is so cute and sweet...

his face looks sad because his twins, Kagamine Rin, is adopted by another person in the forum..
we shared the price of the Kagamine Sets..
i wonder when will i get Kagamine Rin to accompany him..

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Held By Custom..Again..

My Hachune Miku that i ordered from YAJ was shipped already to Indonesia..
it has arrived to Indonesia but, again, it is held by the custom..
so i'm just hoping that the custom will not charge a tax for her..
i hate the custom..
they make me wait for my stuff for a long time..


Oh crap !!
this is really bad news..
yesterday after taking Al Azif Pictures, my seller text me and informed me that Ritsu's price is raised up to Rp 750.000 ($75)
Damn !!
i can't afford that, i need to pay Hachune, Raspberyl, Nanoha, and Len..
so i dropped the order and allocate my money to pay Nanoha which is coming by the end of March..
It's mean i must wait until GSC reissue the Nendoroid Ritsu..
yeah, no problem..
i can save the money to buy another nendo then..
but still..
i get pissed..

Al Azif Has Come

yesterday, my Al Azif finally arrived..
the box is not in a good condition because water leaked to it..

the box is folded..
but never mind..
I'm not that box fetish..

so i opened it and took Al Azif out of the box..
she was so cute and i like the little yellow thing (I'm not sure its name..)
because yesterday i was too tired, i just took several pictures of her than got to bed..
and here are some pictures..

cute isn't she?

i'm melted with her face..
can't take it..

Monday, March 8, 2010

Kagamine Len

i have my nendoroid wish list in my blog..
it's located in the middle right side of my blog..
until yesterday, my wish list listed Kagamine Len (from vocaloid), but today, i remove it..
I've ordered him from my friend from forum..
he said that he was offered a package of Kagamine twins but he just want the Rin..
so we share the package and the price..
not bad..
i can get him cheaper than the market price..
can't wait for my nendo..

Bento Box

This morning i made a bento box (lunch box) for my boyfriend (we get back because we realized that we still love each other)..
Sebastian helped me to prepare the bento (in fact, he is a butler)
this bento box contains rice, nori (seaweed), fried noodle, chicken wing, chicken katsu, quail eggs, lettuce and carrots.
so this is my bento box..

Enjoy the food, my lord..

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Another stupid idea that i got this afternoon, a concert..
i have two nendos from K-On series...(Mio and Yui)
and i have two nendos from Vocaloid series...(Miku and Luka)
so i mix them up and create a concert scene..
they are happy and singing together..

I'm wondering what are they singing...

Brand New Car

it is not exactly brand new car..
it is a wooden toy which i bought several years ago in Djogjakarta (it's a city in Java-Indonesia)
just now, i have an idea about giving the wooden car to my nendos..
so they get a brand new car..
but wait!!!
Chiaki is not happy with the car..

I want another car..
the luxurious one, not this silly wooden car !!

Friday, March 5, 2010

I Get Raspeberyl..

After looking for Raspberyl, finally i get backorder from one of the sellers in forum..
i was happy then i confused how to pay for the nendo..
i still have to pay Hachune Miku, Marisa Kirasame, Nanoha, and Ristu..
this cute little things sucked out my money..
be careful guys..
once you've fallen to this world, you will never can get out..
you will buy more and more..
and suddenly you realized that you run out of money..
you keep buying them..


Megurine Luka

yesterday, my Megurine Luka (from Vocaloid) has arrived..
i love the octopus (tako) it is so cute..
because my Mid Term Exam was done, i can play with her yesterday..
i took several photos of her and Tako..
check it out..

She looks so elegant..
i like her outfit..
look like she is a real star..

There's a Tako in my head..
i like this face...

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Waiting For Al Azif

about two weeks ago, i bought Nendoroid Al Azif (from Demonbane) from one of my friends in the forum..
it was brand new and hasn't arrived to his supplier..
he sold Al Azif because he wanted to buy another nendo that he want to collect..
so i bought Al Azif with Down Payment of Rp 50.000 (around 5 dollars) and now wait for her arrival..
yesterday, my friend told me that Al Azif has arrived to his supplier's place..
I'm so happy because now i just need to wait for several days to get her in my house..
lovely Al Azif..

Bad Day

Yesterday evening was a bad day for me..
I dropped my Blackberry and it get scratched in three different places..
then when i got home, i got nosebleed for half an hour..
i get dizzy because of that..
but still, i have to study for my mid term exam (the last one)..

all day long i was making a note for the subject so that i can easily study..
but yesterday, when i wanted to continue my study, my note was gone..
i got so upset and my mood was dropped..
i had no mood for study or doing anything..
so i take miku miku kagami and play with her..

Miku miku kagami was angry because she wanted me to study..
so she sat on my laptop and pointed the power point and asked me to read that..

so i pushed myself to study even i wasn't in the mood..
thanks to miku miku kagami..

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Miku Miku Kagami

YeaaaH !!!
yesterday my Miku Miku Kagami arrived..
and me, myself, who receive the package directly..
usually i never received packages by myself, it always my mother or my maid who receive it..
but yesterday, i get it by myself.. (new experience..)

This Miku Miku Kagami is a second handed stuff..
but it is in a good condition, even perfect i think..
the seller said that he was only open the box and take 1 picture of her than put her back into box..
i think that kagamiku is quite sad because she has no freedom (locked in the box)
now i'm glad that she is with me..
i can give her freedom and love..
miku miku kagami..

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cosplay Competition in Central Park

i brought Minami Chikai on Sunday to go to Central Park..
there was a cosplay competition which my friend participated in..
i thought that i will take pictures of minami chiaki but i did a silly thing..
i forgot to bring the stand base !!..

so the Photo Session is canceled..
but Chiaki is having a lot of fun at there..
but there are several photos of me and the cosplayer..

Jack Sparrow from Pirates CarribeanMe, My friends and the Red Queen from Alice In Wonderland..

i wonder if Good Smile Company will make nendoroids from Disney's Chacaracter..
in fact, nendoroid number 100 is Mickey Mouse..

Hachune Miku

another nendo has poisoned me..
she is Hachune Miku

She was so expensive because she is limited Wonder Festival
but i badly want her so i ask some sellers to order her but my budget is only Rp 700.000 (around $70)
they said that it's impossible because the price is more than that and it is not including the shipping fee and taxes..
so i was looking for opened boxes or second hand to get a cheaper price..
lucky me, one of my friends in the forum (pus2meong, we call him senpai) found that somebody is selling second Hachune..
so without thinking i get her..
but still, it is expensive caused by the rarity of this nendo..

The Idiots..

finally i can reach my blog again..
i was studying since Saturday so that i couldn't update my blog..

in Saturday, when i was studying, i was distracted with the picture in the forum..
momonoji put Churuya's face into Saber Liliy head then suddenly she became IDIOT...
i laughed until my stomach hurts..

after saw the picture, i automatically go to my nendo's box and open take Churuya's faceplate and take Sebastian head and change the face..
a good looking butler is change into totally IDIOT..
i couldn't stop laughing when i saw his face..
even now when i'm updating my blog, i'm still laughing seeing his face..

have another idea, i get Kokonoe Rin to change her face..
she posed like she was shocked why is her face become like that..
she was so... idiot..

still couldn't stop laughing, i took Akiyama Mio for this funny experiment..

and Hirasawa Yui
i think she is the most idiot
because of this, i couldn't study for my Mid Term Exam..
it's a poison..
from those picture, i can make a conclusion that Churuya's Face is IDIOTIC..
love it and like it..