Friday, April 23, 2010

Pictures of Nendos

this is several pictures that i took yesterday night when i have nothing to do..

Rin : HIT HER !!!!
Mugi : Nooooooooo

they are playnig Fuwa Fuwa Time..

Kotobuki Tsumugi

Yesterday, My Friend's nendoroid Kotobuki Tsumugi has arrived..
but the box is quite bad..
He is a box fetish so that he doesn't want that mugi, and he want to wait until my Tsumugi has arrived..
so, i get Tsumugi faster than i expected..

I like Tsumugi because she is cute and the nendo is make her looks more cute..
she comes with Cake set, keyboard, and sticker for her eyebrow
and this is her picture..

La la la...

Shana Flame Haze version

i feel that i'm so lucky..
i found nendoroid Shana for only Rp 550.000 ($55) when the market price is Rp 900.000 ($90)
i know it is second handed nendo, but in fact, the price for the second one is around Rp 700.000 ($70)
and when shana arrived, i checked for her condition and it's pretty good..
the only defect that she has is common defect that all nendoroid Shana has..

I love her sword and her face..
next time i will take another picture of her..

Yasagure Rin

Another nendo that hit my heart is Yasagure Rin..
not because she is cute or else but because of her CAR..
she comes with a Pink car..
as far as i know, only Miku and Rin that come with car
and Miku's price is Expensive..

What do you looking at??!

Tainaka Ritsu

Lucky me, i got Tainaka Ritsu from my friend (Calint)..
i bought it for Rp 600.000 (about $60)
i think it's worth because the normal price is around Rp 550.000 ($55)
and i have to wait untill October to get that..
so i paid an extra 50.000 to get it now..

i'm satisfied with Ritsu because she comes with a lot of stuff..
and the most interesting part is her bump..
GSC use a magnet to put the bump in her head..

still, i just took a few picture of her because i was busy..

Ritsu and her Drum set

antoher picture will be uploaded in another story of K-on

Marisa Kirisame

Remember one of the nendo that i want to sell, Marisa Kirisame from Tohou Project?
no one want to buy it because most of my friend have one already..
so, after calculating my money, i decided to take her because she is the first nendo with maid costume that i have..

i opened the box and just put it in my nendoroid safe box (i was too busy..)
the only picture of her that i have is her picture when i use sebastian and Marisa in Maid Cafe..

Maid and Butler Cafe..
Sebastian feat Marisa..

Busy Busy Busy...

this week is exhausting..
i have no time to update my blog..
i was busy with my homework, my presentation, and last is Maid Cafe !

in this 10 days (since my last post), there are 5 nendos who arrived at my house..
there are Tainaka Ritsu, Marisa Kirisame, Shana Flame, Yasagure Rin, and Kotobuki Tsumugi..

i just opened them and check them..
have no time to take their picture..
but, because i have more time today, i will upload the pictures that i took yesterday..

Monday, April 12, 2010

Dying with my tasks

last weekend, i was dying because of my homework..
i was asked to make a business plan including the financial plan
at first i'm okay with the operational and marketing plan
when i start to do the financial plan, i get dizzy..
i want to puke because of the paper..
then suddenly Raspberyl came out and teach me..

then i finished my paper
and didn't puke..

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Figure Collection Photo Contest

several days ago, there was an announcement for the photo contest held by My Figure Collection
this contest is to celebrate it's anniversary..
i'm thinking about participating because the third prize is Nendoroid Kotobuki Tsumugi
so i was thinking about the photo
i have no idea about it..

then, yesterday, i bought a Sylvanian dining set..
suddenly i have a wonderful idea for the photo..
i make a scene that they are having dinner
so this is the photo


additional information
this picture is picture of the day in
check it out..

Monday, April 5, 2010


Finally my Raspberyl has come..
because i'm busy, i just took several pictures of her..
in fact, she is really cute..
i like her eyeglasses and i wonder if i can make sunglasses for her..

the box..
looks good with pink color..

i love the meat, the eyeglasses and the book..
and i like her eyes...see, she is cute..

Saturday, April 3, 2010


to all of you

Selling My Nendo

don't be shocked..
it's true..
i'm selling some of my nendos..
balancing my account, that's it..

i'm sold Nanoha, Al Azif, and fate..
and i'm willing to sell Marisa Kirasame..
why i chose that nendos to be sold?

there are several reason..
first, i don't know exactly who is nanoha, fate, al azif, and marisa..
i bought nanoha for investment
i bought al azif because i think she's cute
she is, but i don't like her so much because her faceplate are not compatible to other nendo..
i bought fate because i like the pet, and i bought marisa because i like the broom
so, why do i should spend a lot of money for the pet and the broomstick??

that's why i decided to sell them..
lucky me because nanoha, fate and al azif are sold out already..

Danboard Mini

finally my danboard mini has come
it's actually a revoltech, not a nendo, but his size just like nendo so i treat him like nendo..
danboard comes from the manga Yotsuba, it is a carton box..

he's cute and funny..
here are some pictures of him..

the box when he came to my house
it's written because this is danboard mini special amazon version

argh, he's cute...
inside the box, there are box (danboard), stand base, and revoltech container
i'm not sure what revoltech container is, but my friend said that it is for putting the join of revoltech..

trying to get out..
i want to be free

I'm free..
love this danboard..
thanks to Hellzfire who sold thi for me..