Friday, February 26, 2010

My Nendoroid Angel

here is another sad thing about nendo..
actually I've ordered Nendoroid Tainaka Ritsu (from anime K-On) at the end of December..
but, the seller told me that he got cut order by his supplier..
so, i will not get the nendo from him and i should find another seller for the nendo..

he did warn me about the cut order on January and suggested me to find another seller for back up..
at that time, i don't know other seller and the pre order was closed already..
so i was just hoping that he will get enough stock for me..
but he didn't..

so i will not get any Tainaka Ritsu nendo when it is released..
i have two options, wait for the reissue (i must wait for 3-4 months) or buy the nendo in a higher price (which i can get it now).
i decided to wait for the reissue considering that i don't have money left right now..

a few days later, another seller offer the nendo for Rp 625.000 (around $60).
i badly want it but i don't have enough money..
the seller doesn't accept half payment, he wanted a full payment..
it's too complicated..

then i remember one of my friend (sky_dreamer87) in the forum whom i think has a lot of money..(hahaha)..
i asked him wether he want to pay it for me first than i pay him later for the nendo..
and he said, YES..
oh My GOD..
he just like an angel to me, my nendoroids angel..

so i will get Ritsu nendo soon..
this thing makes me happy when i'm sad..
thank you sky..

Broken Heart

i did broken heart..
i just broke up with my boyfriend last night..

so i play with my nendos to cheer myself up..
i told them that i just broke up with their father..
(i feel that my nendoroids are my children)
and their face suddenly changed..

here's the picture

so sad...

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Churuya san, Minami Chiaki, and Asakura Yume

the delivery man did delivered my nendos..
so i played with them last night, study for a while because today i have a quiz...
but i can't concentrate so i just played with them and took pictures of them

Let's Eat !!!



The Delivery Man..

Okay, i have a funny story about my Nendo delivery..
On Monday, i ordered nendo again..
i ordered Churuya San..
so Churuya will be delivered with Minami Chiaki and Asakura Yume..

it was Wednesday when i just made this blog..
suddenly my mobile phone is ringing..
i answered it and it was a delivery man from Tiki JNE..

he asked where Greencove is (it is my house) because he doesn't know the exact place..
well, my residential complex is quite new in BSD where i lived but i think he should know the address better since he is the delivery man..

so after explaining him where the exact place of my house (it took 30 minutes to explain), he promised me that he will deliver my nendos by that evening..
so i just thank him and wait..
yeah, he did deliver my package of nendos, but the box is bad..
it makes my nendoroid's boxes dents..

First Experience To Bring My Nendoroid To My Campus

i love Kokonoe Rin..
she is so adorable and Photogenic
the most important thing that i like from her is that she can stand without any stand base..
because of her long hair, she can stand still and pose freely..

Her hands can be adjusted and changed..
so here are her photos in my campus..

There's me in your laptop !!...
(bad image because i took it by my mobile phone camera)

step on my friend's mobile phone..
she was so happy but my friend is not..

What a Big pencil...

Let's Draw Something..

That's her picture in my campus..
uploading another picture later..

Late Chinese New Year Photos

here are several Chinese New Year Photos
it's a bit too late but, I'm busy..
Sebastian Get Hong BaoClose Up..

But wait !!

Mommy... I want it too...
(Kokonoe Rin is asking for the Hong Bao too)Yeaaay... I'm Happy, i got Hong Bao too..

so the Chinese New Year was fun for them...

Kokonoe Rin and Sebastian Michaelis

i didn't do anything for a while..
just lurking the nendoroid forum and trying to resist all the nendoroids temptation..
but within a week, i ordered Kokonoe Rin (Kodomo No Jikan), Sebastian Michaelis (Kuroshitsuji), Nakano Azusa (K-On), Takamichi Nanoha and Fate Testarossa (Nanoha First Movie), Minami Chiaki (Minami ke-), and Asakura Yume.
i forgot that i've ordered Tainaka Ritsu and Kotobuki Tsumugi on December.
what should i do???
i totally forgot my money management..
how could i pay all of them??

because of that matter, i decreased my money that should be used for eat and alocate the money to nendoroids..
it's another way to loss weight anyway..

than there's nothing to do but waiting for my ordered nendoroids..
and at 16th February, my Sebastian Michaelist was arrived.. (i paid him from my chinese New year money)
two days later, my Kokonoe Rin was arrived too..

at that time, i was stayed at my cousin's house so i can't play with them..
after i gotten home, i "rape" them..

and again, i'm so busy so that i can't take picture of them..
just several picture of Kokonoe Rin

mommy, i'm so happy..

look at her cute smiley face..
it is so adorable and makes me melting..


here is another idea of mine that makes me look like a pervert..

Mio is wearing Shimapan , Merissa is wearing a cute girly underwear, and Yui is wearing a black underwear
well, this idea came out when i dismantle Merissa's pumpkin. i saw that she is wearing a cute underwear than i suddenly thought that it will be a nice picture if i take photo of them wearing only underpants.
fortunately, their face is fit enough with the scene..

Here comes Merissa

about a week after Yui arrived, Merissa also arrived to my house..
she was cute, i like her pumpkin and her face..
her hair is astonishing with the details like that..
again, because i was busy, i did not take a lot of picture of her..
just one pose with my favorite face...

Good Smile Company Photo Contest

after the arrival of Hirasawa Yui, i heard that there was a photo contest by using the products of Good Smile Company.. I'm not good at photography but i thought that it's okay if i try to participate to the competition..
so i prepared all the things that are needed to make a good picture..
at first, i confused what theme that will be the main theme of my photo.. And then i just came up with an idea about Christmas (even it was passed already).

i have the Death Note nendoroid Christmas series, so i was thinking to take a good picture of them..
i draw a background of a city in the middle of the night, with the tall building, big houses, small houses with chimney on it, and a moon that indicate it is at night.
i manipulate my Death Note nendo with their stand base to create a flying scene of the nendos..
the nendo look like this

flying Santa and the Reindeer

cute isn't it??

and here is the picture with the background

after i submit that one, i have another idea for the photo competition..
i made a wooden board that name "GOOD SMILE COMPANY" 100% handmade by the ice cream stick..
it involve all of my nendoroids at that time..
so just see it, and comment about it..

We Love Good Smile Company

Light Yagami and L were standing on a stack of books so that they were higher than Mio and Yui.. they posed formally except Yui because she was too excited to be pictured..
the green based is a carton that i bought in the bookstore..

i didn't win the competition.. neither my friends in the forum that i joined won the competition too.. but, i have my picture displayed with thousands of the participation...
well, not bad for a beginner for me.. i don't use a high tech camera such as DSLR, i just use my moblie phone camera.. it is so standard, simple, but adorable..

Hirasawa Yui

still waiting for my nendos' arrival, i just do nothing,,
suddenly i got news from my mother that there is a package for me..
i wondering what was inside it..
it is merissa or yui?

when i got home, i quickly open the package and i saw this..
because i was busy at that time, i couldn't take a lot of picture of her..
so i just took one picture and this is it..


well, that's all about her,. i will take more photos of her.. but later.. hahaha

Being Held by The Indonesian Custom

Merissa Seraphy is shipped already..
it took several weeks to be delivered to Indonesia from Japan..
on the middle of January, she was arrived at Indonesian custom and being HELD by them..
my friend said that it is usual that the custom held items that are arrived, they check the shipping document first and do some regulation that i don't really understand..

so i just wait for her and do nothing..
still exploring with my Death Note nendos and Mio - chan and take picture of them..

waiting make me took this picture

her face is so...
i don't have specific word for her face..
makes me want to hug her and calm her down..
this faceplate , beside i watch the anime and love it, make me decided to buy this nendo..
other thing that make me love her is her bass guitar and her shimapan (striped underwear..)

she was waiting for her food..
guess what, it was a table that i made, the one with umbrella on top of it..
but i'm not good at making that kind of stuff so the result is not really good,.
it is broken already..hahahaha..

My Merissa Seraphy is held for about 10 days and finally it was delivered to my house..

Merissa Seraphy

I’m addicted, I admit it…

So much nendo that I want, but I still have no budget for all of themI must make decisions wisely, which one that I will buy and which one is not. So I just make another pre-order, assuming that I can save my money first while waiting the nendo to be released.

Remember that I have ordered Hirasawa Yui on December? It will be released on the early of January but will be arrived at my house around the end of January. I’m not patient enough to wait for her, so I was looking for another nendo that I like the most, which is Merissa Seraphy from anime Wagamama Capricio.

Actually, I never watch the anime neither read the manga, but I just love it. Her pumpkin makes me crazy about her and willing to get her. But, it was an old series of nendoroid so it is rare already. The price is too high for me to effort that makes me looking for cheaper price even though it is second hand nendo.

I almost give up when suddenly one of my friends in the forum told me that there was an auction of nendoroid Merissa Seraphy. I’m so excited and look for it. It was bid $14.00 when I saw the auction and there was a shipping fee for $15.00. I calculated the price and the shipping fee to determine whether I take it or not. I have limited budget for her, around $50.00 including the shipping fee (that’s all money that I have) and the bidding is still $29.00 (with the shipping fee). I thought that I had hope for having her but I realized…

I don’t have pay pal and I don’t even have credit card. If I won the auction, how could I pay the seller?? Lucky me, another friend of mine can help me to bid there. So with high expectation, I asked him to bid the nendo with the limit of $50.00 included shipment. He said okay, but he can’t guarantee that I will win considering the budget limit.

Never mind, I thought, I wait for her quite long, it is no problem for me to wait any longer.

Three days passed and the auction winner is… ME…

I’m so happy with that and thankful to my friend. Finally I can get Merissa Seraphy.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Get Addicted to them..

satisfied with the death note nendos, i looking for another nendoroids.
then i found an open pre-order for nendoroid Akiyama Mio and Hirasawa Yui from anime K-On.
without thinking, i ordered them with the down payment of Rp 100.000,00
i thought that it wasn't expensive comparing with the death note nendo's price but later i realized that it is expensive (lol)

because it was a pre-order so i must wait for the nendo to be released by the company (Good Smile Company) and delivered to my house.
it arrived on January, i forgot the date, and i was so excited.
i couldn't concentrate with my lecture at campus.
i was just thinking about my her and praying that the lecture will over soon so i can get home earlier.

when i opened the package, my heart was tumbling.
and then...
Tadaaaa !!!
it is AMAZING..
soon a get my mobile phone to take picture of her..

here several pictures of her

Akiyama Mio in Action

Outside the house, welcoming the guests..

First nendoroid in my life

the first nendoroid that i have is Death note Christmas edition,.
it was so cute..
i saw it at the toys fair in STC last year (2009)
i fell in love at the first sight..
at first, i don't know what is that..
but it looks so cute and adorable and i want to have it..
but unfortunately, in the toys fair, they only had the Light Yagami
so i decided not to buy that nendoroid..

after i got home, i search in the internet about nendoroids especially death note Christmas series.
lately i found the complete set of this nendo, and bought them..
i waited about week for my nendo..

when they arrived, i opened it immediately andhave a lot of fun with them..
i took several photos and they are cute..
here some of the photos..

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
(December 24th 2009)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What Is Nendoroid?

Nendoroids are figures about half the size of regular sized figures produced and distributed by Good Smile Company. They are about 11cm in height and characterized by having a large head which makes them extremely adorable. The face can also be replaced with other faces as well as replaceable arms and legs. They are bigger than gashapon and of better quality and paint work.

This is the sample of Nendoroid
Nendoroid Hachune Miku