Thursday, February 25, 2010

Good Smile Company Photo Contest

after the arrival of Hirasawa Yui, i heard that there was a photo contest by using the products of Good Smile Company.. I'm not good at photography but i thought that it's okay if i try to participate to the competition..
so i prepared all the things that are needed to make a good picture..
at first, i confused what theme that will be the main theme of my photo.. And then i just came up with an idea about Christmas (even it was passed already).

i have the Death Note nendoroid Christmas series, so i was thinking to take a good picture of them..
i draw a background of a city in the middle of the night, with the tall building, big houses, small houses with chimney on it, and a moon that indicate it is at night.
i manipulate my Death Note nendo with their stand base to create a flying scene of the nendos..
the nendo look like this

flying Santa and the Reindeer

cute isn't it??

and here is the picture with the background

after i submit that one, i have another idea for the photo competition..
i made a wooden board that name "GOOD SMILE COMPANY" 100% handmade by the ice cream stick..
it involve all of my nendoroids at that time..
so just see it, and comment about it..

We Love Good Smile Company

Light Yagami and L were standing on a stack of books so that they were higher than Mio and Yui.. they posed formally except Yui because she was too excited to be pictured..
the green based is a carton that i bought in the bookstore..

i didn't win the competition.. neither my friends in the forum that i joined won the competition too.. but, i have my picture displayed with thousands of the participation...
well, not bad for a beginner for me.. i don't use a high tech camera such as DSLR, i just use my moblie phone camera.. it is so standard, simple, but adorable..

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