Monday, May 31, 2010


playing nendo without playset is not perfect..
but wait!!
the price for the nendoroid playset is too expensive..

i'm thinking of buying sylvanian set but it is more expensive and less Japanese
i decided to make my own playset..
i bought a 1,5 millimeter carton and start cutting it and make playset..

so far, i've done this

i've made a round table, square table,bookshelf, drawer and wardrobe..

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Playing With Nendo..

after my final exam, i release my stress out and play with my nendo..
take their photos and have fun with them..

bad things happened..
my sebastian's head joint is broken, into pieces..
then my yasagure rin's head joint is stuck inside her face..
too bad.. Yasagure rin has only one joint..
well, just leave it like that then...
hopefully the joint will come out by itself (impossible i think..)

check these out..

My Nendoroid Family

i just realized that my nendo has reached more than 20..
i love all of them..

yesterday when i have free time, i played with them and take their photos..
i display all of my nendo and make it like Family Photos..

this is become picture of the day in
check it here : My Figure Collection

Friday, May 21, 2010

Akihime Sumomo

Sleeping face nendo..
this is what i want from sumomo..
i want her pillow too..

i bought them from pus2meong from
at first, we thought that she comes with the NDS game..
but there's no game only the sealed nendo and the posters,postcards,stickers, and pin
she is very cute..
but i think, the nendo is quite expensive..
Rp 850.000 (around $85) and the parts are only one additional faceplate, 2 hands, and lamb figure..
it's not worth it..
but i satisfied because she is cute and the nendoroid is exclusive..

this are her photos

moeee >.< Sleeping Beauty..

Kagamine Rin

Remember Kagamine Len?
Rin is his twins
i bought it in a hobby shop (i won't mention the name) in Puri Indah Mall

my mom bought it for me because i had accompanied my mom all day long..
i was so happy and wanted to open it right away..
but, i have no time..
so, i opened it when i got home..
i was shocked because the seal are doubled
the old sealed are opened..

Final Exam

it's been almost a month i didn't update my blog..
sorry guys..
my final exam and the paper is killing me..
i have no time to play with my nendo
and i don't have internet connection in my house so if i want to update my blog, i have to do it in my campus..
since i was busy, i can't reach my blog at that time..
but now...
it's payback time..

i will post my nendoroid's photo
all the poisons of nendoroid to all of you
just wait...