Friday, May 21, 2010

Kagamine Rin

Remember Kagamine Len?
Rin is his twins
i bought it in a hobby shop (i won't mention the name) in Puri Indah Mall

my mom bought it for me because i had accompanied my mom all day long..
i was so happy and wanted to open it right away..
but, i have no time..
so, i opened it when i got home..
i was shocked because the seal are doubled
the old sealed are opened..

i still have a positive thinking..
maybe they checked the item before sell it..
but, the some of the parts is broken..
the worst is, her headset are glued to her head..

i pissed of !!
i searched for the shop telephone and call them..
i asked for an exchange for the new one or i will sue them to the forum so no one will buy items from that shop..
well, they were responsible for that, and change my rin to another one..
no broken parts, but still, opened sealed..

this is Kagamine Rin's photo..

I'm Rich !!!

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