Thursday, February 25, 2010

Being Held by The Indonesian Custom

Merissa Seraphy is shipped already..
it took several weeks to be delivered to Indonesia from Japan..
on the middle of January, she was arrived at Indonesian custom and being HELD by them..
my friend said that it is usual that the custom held items that are arrived, they check the shipping document first and do some regulation that i don't really understand..

so i just wait for her and do nothing..
still exploring with my Death Note nendos and Mio - chan and take picture of them..

waiting make me took this picture

her face is so...
i don't have specific word for her face..
makes me want to hug her and calm her down..
this faceplate , beside i watch the anime and love it, make me decided to buy this nendo..
other thing that make me love her is her bass guitar and her shimapan (striped underwear..)

she was waiting for her food..
guess what, it was a table that i made, the one with umbrella on top of it..
but i'm not good at making that kind of stuff so the result is not really good,.
it is broken already..hahahaha..

My Merissa Seraphy is held for about 10 days and finally it was delivered to my house..

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