Thursday, February 25, 2010

Merissa Seraphy

I’m addicted, I admit it…

So much nendo that I want, but I still have no budget for all of themI must make decisions wisely, which one that I will buy and which one is not. So I just make another pre-order, assuming that I can save my money first while waiting the nendo to be released.

Remember that I have ordered Hirasawa Yui on December? It will be released on the early of January but will be arrived at my house around the end of January. I’m not patient enough to wait for her, so I was looking for another nendo that I like the most, which is Merissa Seraphy from anime Wagamama Capricio.

Actually, I never watch the anime neither read the manga, but I just love it. Her pumpkin makes me crazy about her and willing to get her. But, it was an old series of nendoroid so it is rare already. The price is too high for me to effort that makes me looking for cheaper price even though it is second hand nendo.

I almost give up when suddenly one of my friends in the forum told me that there was an auction of nendoroid Merissa Seraphy. I’m so excited and look for it. It was bid $14.00 when I saw the auction and there was a shipping fee for $15.00. I calculated the price and the shipping fee to determine whether I take it or not. I have limited budget for her, around $50.00 including the shipping fee (that’s all money that I have) and the bidding is still $29.00 (with the shipping fee). I thought that I had hope for having her but I realized…

I don’t have pay pal and I don’t even have credit card. If I won the auction, how could I pay the seller?? Lucky me, another friend of mine can help me to bid there. So with high expectation, I asked him to bid the nendo with the limit of $50.00 included shipment. He said okay, but he can’t guarantee that I will win considering the budget limit.

Never mind, I thought, I wait for her quite long, it is no problem for me to wait any longer.

Three days passed and the auction winner is… ME…

I’m so happy with that and thankful to my friend. Finally I can get Merissa Seraphy.

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