Friday, February 26, 2010

My Nendoroid Angel

here is another sad thing about nendo..
actually I've ordered Nendoroid Tainaka Ritsu (from anime K-On) at the end of December..
but, the seller told me that he got cut order by his supplier..
so, i will not get the nendo from him and i should find another seller for the nendo..

he did warn me about the cut order on January and suggested me to find another seller for back up..
at that time, i don't know other seller and the pre order was closed already..
so i was just hoping that he will get enough stock for me..
but he didn't..

so i will not get any Tainaka Ritsu nendo when it is released..
i have two options, wait for the reissue (i must wait for 3-4 months) or buy the nendo in a higher price (which i can get it now).
i decided to wait for the reissue considering that i don't have money left right now..

a few days later, another seller offer the nendo for Rp 625.000 (around $60).
i badly want it but i don't have enough money..
the seller doesn't accept half payment, he wanted a full payment..
it's too complicated..

then i remember one of my friend (sky_dreamer87) in the forum whom i think has a lot of money..(hahaha)..
i asked him wether he want to pay it for me first than i pay him later for the nendo..
and he said, YES..
oh My GOD..
he just like an angel to me, my nendoroids angel..

so i will get Ritsu nendo soon..
this thing makes me happy when i'm sad..
thank you sky..

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