Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Idiots..

finally i can reach my blog again..
i was studying since Saturday so that i couldn't update my blog..

in Saturday, when i was studying, i was distracted with the picture in the forum..
momonoji put Churuya's face into Saber Liliy head then suddenly she became IDIOT...
i laughed until my stomach hurts..

after saw the picture, i automatically go to my nendo's box and open take Churuya's faceplate and take Sebastian head and change the face..
a good looking butler is change into totally IDIOT..
i couldn't stop laughing when i saw his face..
even now when i'm updating my blog, i'm still laughing seeing his face..

have another idea, i get Kokonoe Rin to change her face..
she posed like she was shocked why is her face become like that..
she was so... idiot..

still couldn't stop laughing, i took Akiyama Mio for this funny experiment..

and Hirasawa Yui
i think she is the most idiot
because of this, i couldn't study for my Mid Term Exam..
it's a poison..
from those picture, i can make a conclusion that Churuya's Face is IDIOTIC..
love it and like it..

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