Saturday, March 20, 2010

Who's That ????

Yesterday, when i got home, i was told by mother that there's a package for me..
i was wondering what it is..
is it Hachune Miku or my Gundam??

then i went to my bedroom and look a big box of package..
i assumed that it was my Gundam, but..
it is my Hachune..

then i open the box excitedly..
try to figure out how many faces will i get and what are the accessories..
and here it goes..

and again..
one blank face and stickers...
this is one of the reasons why i bought her...

so i take a few pictures of her with kagamiku (miku miku kagami)..
please enjoy..

Kagamiku : Hey !! Who is She??? Why she looks like me??
Hachune : ?????

Kagamiku : hahaha, but she's fatter..
Hachune : errrr... What????

Hachune : Am i that fat???

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