Friday, March 12, 2010

Kagamine Len Has Arrived

It's quite a long time that i don't update my blog..
well, as you know, this blog is talking about me and my nendoroids..
since i did nothing with my nendo for the last 2 days so i don't update my blog..

but, yesterday, my Kagamine Len has arrived..
at first i observed the box (as usual), and checked it carefully..
at first, i got suspicious with the box..
the seal in the box is scratched a little..
but when i checked it clearly, it's bran new..
so i opended the box and grab my cute little Len out of the box..

Len comes with 3 faceplate and 1 blank faceplate..
i'm looking for the sticker for the blank face, but i couldn't find it..
then my eyes directed to the tape in the box..
i try to find out what it is and then..

it's the sticker !!!
cute isn't it?
we can create any kind of face for Len..
but i decided to keep the face blank because i don't want to use the sticker..

so i took pictures of him..
he is so cute and sweet...

his face looks sad because his twins, Kagamine Rin, is adopted by another person in the forum..
we shared the price of the Kagamine Sets..
i wonder when will i get Kagamine Rin to accompany him..

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