Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bad Day

Yesterday evening was a bad day for me..
I dropped my Blackberry and it get scratched in three different places..
then when i got home, i got nosebleed for half an hour..
i get dizzy because of that..
but still, i have to study for my mid term exam (the last one)..

all day long i was making a note for the subject so that i can easily study..
but yesterday, when i wanted to continue my study, my note was gone..
i got so upset and my mood was dropped..
i had no mood for study or doing anything..
so i take miku miku kagami and play with her..

Miku miku kagami was angry because she wanted me to study..
so she sat on my laptop and pointed the power point and asked me to read that..

so i pushed myself to study even i wasn't in the mood..
thanks to miku miku kagami..

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