Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weird Candy

A week ago, my cousin gave me several candy that she bought in Singapore..
one of them is Wonka's weird Rope
i'm trying not to open it because i want to enjoy it someday alone..
so i left it in my bedroom near my nendo's place..
suddenly, when i got home yesterday, it was opened already..
this was what happened..

Kokonoe : What is this??
Churuya : i don't know
Kokonoe : let's open it!! help me to bite the end..
Churuya : okay..(*bite*)

Kokonoe : Hueee??? it's weird..
Churuya : but it smells sweet, maybe it taste good..

Kokonoe Rin : let me taste it..

Kokonoe : it's Delicious..
Churuya : give me some..

so, the candy was eaten by them..
i haven't taste it even a little..
too bad..

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