Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Animax Cosplay in Grand Indonesia

wow, long time no see..
oh my gosh!
i didn't update my blog for a week???

well, i'm quite busy lately..
i have no time to play with my nendo or update my blog..
but now, i have something special for all of you..

on Sunday, i went to cosplay competition held by Animax..
actually, i brought three nendos, Hachune Miku, Kagamine Len, and Kokonoe Rin
i hope that i will get good pictures for them because in Grand Indonesia (GI) there are several places that look really nice.

when we, me and my friends, get there, we saw a lot of people cosplaying their anime character..
but, instead of taking photo with them, we took our own photos,.
then i took my Kokonoe Rin and asked my friend to take a picture of her
he has a good camera that i don't have..

and these are the results

Sakura tree
when i took this picture, i was under the tree, ready myself to catch her if she fall
luckily she didn't fall

Yeaay!! i'm tall (in fact she is climbing the tree)
i wonder why there's no leaves in the tree
then i realized that the tree is to high so that we can't capture the leaves

behind Kokonoe is a pond full of fish
all of my friend commented that she will fall to the pond and they will laugh me if it is happened
but, she didn't
i love this picture..

well, i think that's all the good picture that my friend took
and when i got home, Hachune Miku and Kagamine Len were angry with me because i didn't took their picture at all

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