Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Delivery Man..

Okay, i have a funny story about my Nendo delivery..
On Monday, i ordered nendo again..
i ordered Churuya San..
so Churuya will be delivered with Minami Chiaki and Asakura Yume..

it was Wednesday when i just made this blog..
suddenly my mobile phone is ringing..
i answered it and it was a delivery man from Tiki JNE..

he asked where Greencove is (it is my house) because he doesn't know the exact place..
well, my residential complex is quite new in BSD where i lived but i think he should know the address better since he is the delivery man..

so after explaining him where the exact place of my house (it took 30 minutes to explain), he promised me that he will deliver my nendos by that evening..
so i just thank him and wait..
yeah, he did deliver my package of nendos, but the box is bad..
it makes my nendoroid's boxes dents..

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