Saturday, April 3, 2010

Selling My Nendo

don't be shocked..
it's true..
i'm selling some of my nendos..
balancing my account, that's it..

i'm sold Nanoha, Al Azif, and fate..
and i'm willing to sell Marisa Kirasame..
why i chose that nendos to be sold?

there are several reason..
first, i don't know exactly who is nanoha, fate, al azif, and marisa..
i bought nanoha for investment
i bought al azif because i think she's cute
she is, but i don't like her so much because her faceplate are not compatible to other nendo..
i bought fate because i like the pet, and i bought marisa because i like the broom
so, why do i should spend a lot of money for the pet and the broomstick??

that's why i decided to sell them..
lucky me because nanoha, fate and al azif are sold out already..

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