Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Nendoroid Takane Manaka's Review

I don't know anything about Love Plus..
But, when the Pre Order of Nendoroid Takane Manaka, I fell in love with her..
Besides the abundant of extra parts, I really love her cute face..
She's Beautiful..So, I POed her and can't wait for her to come to my house..

But, bad things happened..
The seller whom I bought Manaka from, had an shipping issue..
So, I just got my Manaka 2 and a half months from her released date (What The...)
After sick of waiting, finally I can get her..
And now, I'll make a review of her..
Check it out..

Name : Nendoroid Takane Manaka
Number : 111
Origins : Love Plus
Sculptor : Maruhige
Manufacturer : Good Smile Company
Price : 3500 Yen
Release Date : Agustus 2010
Further Information : Product Assistance By Nendoron
This is the box of Manaka
Looks so simple and we can see lots of hands there..

Three additional faces!!!
Cool..The faces are incredible..
She is so cute isn't she?
I really love her..With her simple style, she looks gorgeous..

Let's see..We get a lot of extra hands and faces..
But..no more accessories..
It's so sad since we can make a lot of pose of her, but without accessories, it's not perfect..

Overall, she is worth to buy..
Besides her cuteness, she also comes with a lot of faces which can be use to other nendoroids..
Again, she is so cute and beautiful (even my sister who doesn't like nendo said that she is cute)
So, don't take it too long..Hurry find her and get her..

 Bonus Photo
 Three Cute Little Girls


  1. Nice review!
    Hope to see more bonus photos in the future ... ^^

  2. Hahaha..
    the reason why i don't give bonus photo is because I never took picture of the reviewed nendo after i took their review picture
    If i did, I'll put it in Photo Session..