Thursday, January 27, 2011

Nendoroid Shana Black Hair's Review

Shana Black Hair was my top priority wish-list..
Now, I have her already..
At first, I bought it from another collector that want to retire..
He sold Shana Black Hair and Louise for 1,5 million Rupiahs (around $150)
It's so cheap considering they are in Mint condition..
So, I bought them but because of the need of money, I sold Shana to my friends (for $120, lol)

I have a thought that if that items (or even person) is belong to me, then, I will have it somehow..
maybe not now, but later..
And it's true!! I found her on YAJ with a low start bid..
So, I bid it and won..
Well, enough for the story..Let's take a look of her..
Name : Nendoroid Shakugan No Shana
Number : 47b
Origins : Shakugan No Shana
Sculptor : Nendoroid
Manufacturer : Good Smile Company
Price : 3500 Yen
Release Date : December 2008
Further Information : Exclusive with Dengeki Daioh Magazine September

This is how the box looks like..
Different with the flame haze version who is in red color, this Shana looks more exclusive..
This is the package that you can get if you open the box..
She only get a few accessories (I think..)

You will get an additional faceplate with an additional hair without the nekomimi..
A meronpan and her hands to hold it, an additional skirt for sitting and two different tails
I love her smiley face, she looks so happy..

I don't know exactly why we get two different tails..
If I put her in sitting pose, the tail still fit in and not disturbing the pose..
But, that's okay..If I lost it, I still have another tail (lol)

 The cute smiley face that makes me feel so happy..
She's so adorable..
One bad thing about Shana, the stand base doesn't fit very well in her skirt..
It makes her can't stand normally, but a little weird..


  1. Congratsssss
    Akhirnya cumiiiii

  2. 150$????!!!! That is a LOT to pay for a nendorid!!!!!!!!