Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Nendoroid Hiiragi Kagami's Review

Well, if there is Konata, there is Kagami..
I think they are the main character of Lucky☆Star..
Since I bought them as a package from YAJ so they were arrived in the same time
(if not, I will be angry to my seller..)

We will see if Kagami is as good as Izumi or not..

Name : Nendoroid Hiiragi Kagami The 65th Saitama Shinbun Version
Number : 28d
Origins : Lucky☆Star
Sculptor : Azusa Rei and Nendoron
Manufacturer : Good Smile Company
Price : 3500 Yen
Release Date : May 2010
Limited and Exclusive
Further Information : 47club, japan Exclusive. Limited to 7000 copies. Same as Comptiq Version minus Shiraishi and comes with Newspapers

The Box..
No different with Konata's but this one is 28d

Inside the box, you will see another lots of accessories and sticker

Besides the nendo and the stand base, you will get two Additional Faceplate, Two additional Skirt, Additional Legs for sitting pose, three Additional Palms, Additional Ribbons, Chair, and Newspaper

It is just the same like Konata's but the additional hands are changed to additional ribbons (default one are ribbons with bunny ears)
See the newspaper there?
Not like Konata's, Kagami's newspaper are closed and folded..
Konata's are opened..
But the details is so amazing..

Overall, Konata and Kagami are the best collaboration ever..
If you are thinking about buying Izumi Konata, then you should consider to buy Hiiragi Kagami too..
If only one of them it is like a salt without pepper..


  1. I got this Kagami and she is lovely.
    Unfortunately I did not get Konata because I had some funding difficulties to purchase her. ^^

  2. ah..
    you should get Konata..
    I tell you one secret, Konata ca stand without a stand base!!!
    go get her!!