Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sylvanian Hilltop Manor's Review

I have lots of nendoroids.. I have bought nendoroid's playset..
But I don't think it's enough..
They need house to stay, so I bought Sylvanian Hilltop Manor
Actually, this is my Christmas wish.. I was really run out of money at that time..
So, it's only a wish.. But, my lovely Mom bought it for me..

This House is special..
I think this house is one of the biggest house from Sylvanian series..
So, let's take a look at it..

Name : Sylvanian Hilltop Manor

Manufacturer : Epoch Ltd
Price : 90 Euro
Further Information : Same like Sylvanian Hilltop Manor Value Pack in green color and without figures

So, this is how the house looks like..
So big isn't it?
I love the green color..
Compared to the value pack (blue colored), this one come with no figures..
We only get the house, but, it's good enough..

The house come with the tiny details..
All windows and doors can be opened..
It's so real so it looks like a real house in a small size..
This is the side view of the house..
It gives you an open space so you can put your figure (can be Sylvanian's figure or Nendoroid or anything that fits) and look at it..

When you turn it back, you will see an amazing house for your figures..
I love the details such as the stairs, fence, and windows..
It's such a huge house that you can play with..

This one another side view of the house..
There's a chimney on the house..
See, I've told you that Sylvanian really care about the details..

Stair for go up to the second floor..

This is the second floor..
You can see that there is an opened door leading to the balcony..

And this is the third floor..
It has lower ceiling compared to the second floor..
Since it was designed for Sylvanian's children, so, I don't think that my nendoroid will fit on the third floor..

We go back to the front view..
We can see a fake lamp near the door..
Once again, I love the details..
There is a stair too to reach the house..
even my house is not this cool..

Remember the opened door in the second floor?
The door lead us to the balcony..
We can open the door and go out to the balcony..
It would be nice to have this house in my life..
Why my figures have a fancy house while I live in a small house..

One more thing that I really love about Sylvanian's Houses
Every house have a slot for lamps..
Sylvanian sell the lamps separately, and you can buy them to enlighten your house..
Maybe I'll buy it just for several places that could be dark such as under the stair or first floor area..

Well, overall, this house is amazing..
It is big, it has a lot of details, and it's free (yeah, my Mom bought it for me..if she didn't I will eat rocks for several months..)
Can't wait for decorating the house so my nendoroids will have a home sweet home..


  1. Wow ... what a nice house miniature! The interior design are really designed with attention to little details.

    I love the lamp slots and the balcony.
    *imagining my Nendoroid having some photo scene*

  2. yup..
    that's why i really love this house..

    actually, there is another Sylvanian House that I have..
    but, I have to remove all the decoration and my Nendo to be able to make the review,..
    Maybe another time

  3. So where are they now ? (the house residents)