Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Nendoroid Takara Miyuki's Review

Konata's review, checked.. Kagami's review, checked.. Tsukasa's review, checked..
hmm... What else???
Takara Miyuki need to be reviewed too..
The main characters of Lucky☆Star that are made in Nendoroid size are Konata, Kagami, Tsukasa, and Miyuki..
I have reviewed Konata, Kagami, and Tsukasa..
So, it's time for Takara Miyuki

Name : Nendoroid Takara Miyuki Comptiq Version
Number : 55a
Origins : Lucky☆Star
Sculptor : Abe Masato
Manufacturer : Good Smile Company
Price : 3500 Yen
Release Date : February 2009
Further Information :Comptiq mail order Exclusive. Product Assistant by Nendoron
 Takara Miyuki's Box..
See the sticker besides the Lucky Star in Japanese text?
If your Miyuki doesn't have this sticker, it means that it is fake..
But, I never heard about Miyuki's bootleg, only heard about Konata's bootleg..
Inside the box..
I make a conclusion that Lucky☆Star's Nendoroid always come with lots of accessories..
Cool.. I have four Chairs now..

 These are what you get if you bought her..
No different with the other Lucky☆Star nendos, but she get additional ribbon to exchange it with the cow bell

Two additional faceplate, two additional skirts, two additional sitting pose legs, and two additional hands and palms

You will get a Chair and a cow's tail too..

Among the four characters, I love Miyuki and Tsukasa the most..
They look so innocent and cute..
I like their faceplate and I love them when they are wearing Dog and Cow costume..

So, are you a big fan of Lucky☆Star???
If yes, have you bought their nendos??
Not yet??
too bad..
the price will go higher and higher, so go get them soon!

Bonus Photo

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