Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Nendoroid Izumi Konata's Review

I haven't finish cleaning my room..
But, I've took several pictures of Nendoroid that want to be reviewed..
So, this Nendo had arrived a long time a go..
when I was busy with my homework so I couldn't open and play with it..
It's Nendoroid Izumi Konata 27d The 65th Saitama Shinbun Version

Let's check it out

Name : Nendoroid Izumi Konata The 65th Saitama Shinbun Version
Number : 27d
Origins : Lucky☆Star
Sculptor : Azusa Rei and Nendoron
Manufacturer : Good Smile Company
Price : 3500 Yen
Release Date : May 2010
Limited and Exclusive
Further Information : 47club, japan Exclusive. Limited to 7000 copies. Same as Comptiq Version minus Kogami Kira and comes with Newspapers

The Box..
Pretty much the same like the other Lucky☆Star Nendoroids' Boxes
But, it has the 27d Sticker on it..
These are what inside the box..
You can see that she comes with a lot of accessories so they need to put it outside the container..
We will also gets the newspaper stickers
We will get a Chair, Two additional Skirt (one for sitting and the other for the costume)
Two additional trademark of Konata's faceplate..
I like the >.< face (I always like the face)
Additional Legs for sitting pose and Additional Hands and palms, tail and a Newspaper
You have to use the stickers to put it on the newspaper so it will looks real
Cool isn't it?

This is my dream come true..
Even though I don't watch Lucky☆Star anime, but I love the character..
They are so cute and lovely..
Remember that I ever bought Lucky☆Star Figma because the nendo are expensive?
Well, I sold the Figma already and I bought the Nendo from YAJ
I get them cheap and all of them are in perfect condition..
And the most important thing from Konata is, she can stand without a stand base (helped by her hair..)

I am so satisfied with the nendo, but I regret the lack of painting..
See the messy painting there?
Fortunately that it will not be seen if you take a picture of the nendo..
But still, it's important for the quality of Nendoroid itself..

Well, Have you get one?
It's limited to 7000 copies in the world..
Hurry, before it's too late


  1. wew...are u sure that there are only 7000pcs of it in the earth ? men u're so damn lucky to get 1 of them.

  2. I think most Nendoroid have a few lousy paintings here and there. Fortunately, they are minor and doesn't have any impact on the photos. ^^