Sunday, November 14, 2010

My First Puchi Nendo's Story

Remember that I said I ordered some puchi nendos?
Well, forget about that..
untill now, I don't have any puchi nendos..

Actually, I really did order some puchi nendos..
it was the lucky star season 1 and season 2..
I was so excited because its will be my first puchi nendo and there is Konata in swimsuit..

but when I received the package and checked it..
I was disappointed by the condition..
Scratch all over and some of them are broken..

So, i return it to the seller..
I canceled the order and I don't have puchi nendo, yet..

Later on, I ordered the K-On petite (puchi) Lawson Limited
Honestly, I want K-On puchi nendo the first
I want their bikini swimsuit..
I don't want the original pose (with the musical instrument) since i have the regular size already..
But, the price is too high..
I can't afford it..
and it will be released on Bloody Month December

Hope this K-On petite lawson will be my first puchi nendo..
or Hachune Miku if i get her first..

PS: if someone want to sell puchi hachune miku, please tell me..


  1. good luck then in finding hachune miku

  2. Did you mean this Hachune Miku?

  3. yeaah,,,
    that one..
    i want her..