Saturday, November 27, 2010

Nendoroid Saber Super Movable Review

A week ago, I got my Saber Super Movable Nendoroid
and, yes, I was too busy to make a review for her..
I don't even have time to post something on my blog..

So, let's see her review..

Name :Saber Super Movable
Number :121
Origins : Fate Stay Night
Sculptor : Oda Tsuyoshi, Takano Meishi
Manufacturer : Good Smile Company
Price : 4000 Yen
Release Date : Ocotber 2010
Further Information : Production Assistance by Nendoron

This is the box
The Super Movable text that is written on the transparent window looks a little bit annoying..
I can't see what are inside the box clearly..

What are inside the box
Besides the swords, Saber comes with less accessories than other nendos..
maybe because she is super movable so that there are no additional parts for hands and legs

Her Normal Pose
She can Stand without a stand base as long as you are patient enough to make her balanced

These Are the Extra Parts
We get a lot of swords..
Several Palms for holding the swords
and the swords cover..

This what she can do..
All Joints are bent over..

Let's take a look at her joints
for her arms, GSC make four joints so she can move her arms just like human like..
1. is the palm joint (which most of the nendo have this kind of joint)
2. Elbow Joint (we can bend the elbow instead of changing it to extra parts)
3. Upper arms joint (make us can turn her hand around)
4. Shoulder joint (so that she can move arms freely)

How about the legs??
Well, she has a magnificent joints in her legs too..
1. is for the ankle joint
2. Knee Joint
3. Haunch joint (her leg can move just like human)
4. joint for her armor (to make it more flexible)

let's move to her faces..

Attacking face or we can say angry face (still cute even she is angry)
I got a minor defect in painting..
see her mouth, there are some painting clot at the left of her mouth..
but it doesn't matter..

Angry-shouting-fabulous-adorable face..
i love this face so much..

Over all, for me, this is one of the best nendo that had ever made..
Good job for the Sculptor and GSC
really like this saber..
the armor looks elegant
the joints can make her move more flexible than other nendos (just like figma in the small form)

I feel lucky that I finally bought her
at the first time I doubt to buy her..

if you are a new comers (just wanted to buy a nendo and collect them), i suggest that you should buy Saber Super Movable..
you won't regret it..

Bonus Photos

Ready To Attack



  1. Nice review there! ^^
    LOL at the pose of Saber's headless body. ^^;

  2. hahaha..
    i think it's weird and funny too..
    but if i put her head, she will not be able to pose like that..
    the head is too big (of course! it's a nendo..)

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