Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What Is PVC Figures

When you want something that really stands out, only a PVC figure will do. PVC figures are typically large (from 10cm all the way to 80cm), are fully painted and assembled, and look great on any display.

PVC figure show a very details of the figure compared to nendoroid and figma
In figma and nendoroid, there are joint so we can move the body and pose them to several ways, but in PVC figures, they have no joints so they are just statue.
we can't change their pose.

 Black Rock Shooter PVC figures by Good Smile Company
Akiyama Mio from Alter

There are lots of company that make PVC figures. Mention Good Smile Company (who makes nendoroids), Alter, Kotobukiya, and many others.
I can't tell the differences between the product of each company because i don't have any of PVC figures (and I'm still considering to have one)

and these are the comparison of PVC figures to other figures
PVC and Nendoroid

BRS figma

which one i prefer?
Nendoroids of course !
not only because of their cuteness, but also nendoroids have joints and we can pose them even if not as many as figmas
PVC is more expensive for me (I don't think i can afford if but I can buy a lot of nendoroids..that's weird..)


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