Sunday, November 14, 2010

Swimming Together

on Friday, I went to swim with my friends..
I brought Miyafuji Yoshika in Swimsuit to take her photo in the pool..

Everything was so perfect..
I took several photos of her before entering the pool and some photos in the pool..
and then suddenly, bad things happened..

when I was removing her arm to take off her lifebuoy, her arm fell down..
and, go down to the sewer that surrounded the pool..
I lost her right arm..

I asked the pool man to find it, but he couldn't find it inside the sewer..
he said that, maybe the arm is stuck inside the large basin that hold the water before it strained to the pump..
I was so panicked..
he said he will find it for me when the water in the basin had receded..

Oh my God..
nothing i can do right now..
just hoping the pool man will find her arm..
poor Miyafuji Yoshika
she doesn't have right arm
but she still happy..

Her Happy Swimming Photo before the accident happened

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