Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bloody December

Why bloody??
Why December???

December is the most "bloody" month in this year.
All of cute nendos and the one i like will be released in this month.
mention, Miku HMO version, Milky Holmes, Death Master
in fact, there's other nendo that will be released on December but i just pre-order that three.
Just three, because the price is "amazing"
milky holmes is priced Rp 1.300.000 ($150) but it is bundled with PSP game (opera tantei), Weiss Schrawz Trading Card Game and artbook

Miku HMO is priced about Rp 500.000 ($55) but this price is very reasonable since they come with a lot of accesories.
last, Death Master (DM) is priced around Rp 400.000 ($45)

besides that nendos, i ordered other nendo that will be released (some of them were released already) on this month, October and November
there are, Sebastian and Ciel (Kuroshitsuji), Takane Manaka (love plus), Kobayakawa Rinko (love plus), Nene Anegasaki (love plus), Tooko Amano (Bungaku Shoojo)

I also ordered Miyafuji Yoshika with swimsuit (bundled with XBOX 360 games), Shana Black Hair, Theia (Lucent Heart), and Lucky Star figma.
what an impulse buying.

so I should save my money
eat less and save more
lucky me, a friend of mine want to buy nendo for me as a gift.
he bought Miyafuji swimsuit version that will arrive at my home soon..

sorry i don't upload the picture of nendos that i mentioned.
bad internet connection
I upload them several times and all of them failed
for the picture, you can check from

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