Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Photo Session

As i promised, today i will upload some of the photos that were taken several days or months ago
because my mother still borrow my pocket camera, so that i took the photos by using my mobile phone camera.
the quality is not so good, but it's not bad either
at least, you can see the photos.
well, just enjoy the photos..

Happy Faces

Miyafuji Yoshika

Dino's Attack

Sabers (and azunyan)


K-On the band

Motorcycle, Bicycle, and Car

New Bicycle, New hair

Which One Should I choose?

Rock Canon


  1. The photos are nice and they don't look like phonecam-taken pics. ^^

  2. it's actually Blackberry phone camera..

    it's kind of blurry and out of focus..
    but, for the K-On band photo, i don't know why, it's sharp and focus..

    i just can imagine why..