Sunday, September 26, 2010

My First Figma

Today, when i came home from Mandarin Course, i ask my maid wether there was a package for me or not.
She said yes..
honestly, I'm waiting for Nendoroid Miyafuji Yoshika Swimsuit
so i went to my room, and see a large package.
I wondered what is inside it..
I don't want to open it because I have a lot of things to do..
tomorrow i will have a make up quiz (last quiz I got 23 out of 100)
and I have a lot of paper to be done

but, I can't resist my curiosity..
so I opened up the package and see a lot of newspaper inside
but, under the tons of newspaper (too hyperbolic), i found something wrapped in a cloths
i open the cloths, and there are my Lucky Star Figma.
I'm so happy because this are my first figma (I ordered BRS first then i ordered these figmas, but since these arrived first so these are my first figma)

Lucky Star
Hiiragi Kagami
Hiiragi Tsukasa
Takara Miyuki
Izumi Konata
I'm satisfied with figma because the are more poseable than nendoroid and bigger than nendoroid
but I still love nendoroid more than figma since nendoroids are cuter than figma..
maybe I'll collect both of the lines if i have enough money..


  1. >w< see you soon when you upload the pictures hahaha

  2. just wait..
    i'm planning to upload the pictures this evening