Friday, September 17, 2010

Long Time No See

Hi Guys..
long time no see..
too busy to update my blog..
this semester, all the subject that I chose is the hardest one
the task and homework are too many so that i feel that i don't have enough time to play with my nendo..

but, my nendoroid collection is getting bigger and bigger..
nowadays, i have more than 30 nendoroid.
maybe i should make another family picture of my nendo.

just wait for it..
I'll upload the pictures that I took last time..
most of them are taken with Blackberry cameras so the quality of the picture is not really good..
see you soon guys..!


  1. Good Luck.
    by the way never imagine your nendoroid family grown bigger since you selling them one by one lol

  2. My Nendoroid family is getting bigger since the I sold my "more than two" nendo and the others are my friend's