Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The New Me

It's not exactly the new me..
but it is the new blog of mine..
i did some improvement in this blog design by added some information about other website of figures, updated my wish list, etc

if you realized, i added some pages (home, review, tips, gallery)
i will add some article about them too
later on i will post nendoroid and other figures review (of course it is limited to figures and nendoroids that i have)
I'll give some tips to take care of figure, how to make a play set or background, and anything else related to figures' world.

now, I'm waiting for my first figma (either lucky star's figma or Black Rock Shooter, depends which one arrived first)

in conclusion, i will keep updating my blog and make it better day by day
if I'm busy and can't update my blog, just wait for it
at least once a month I'll post something or several things
just keep reading and enjoying..


  1. which lucky star character ???

  2. four of them
    konata, twin hiiragi, takara


  3. winter or summer uniform ?? :)

  4. summer
    the blue one
    i forgot