Monday, September 27, 2010

Nendoroid Kagami Kuro and Usa Mimi

Yesterday, I bought nendoroid Kagami Kuro and Usa Mimi..
Both of them are from anime Kodomo No Jikan (just like Kokonoe Rin)
why I bought them?

first, i got it cheap, and i just want to complete my Kodomo No Jikan series..
they are cute..
I like Kagami Kuro's sitting pose..
she comes along with additional sitting parts so she can sit where ever she wants..

Usa Mimi's hair kinda unique..
if in Kokonoe Rin's hair GSC use joint,for Usa Mimi they use like a socket to put her hair..
(I'll upload the picture later)

so, this is Kodomo No Jikan's Photo

Friend's Forever


  1. Wish Good Smile Company make their teacher Nendoroid also so you can make many Great scene :D

  2. i hope so..
    but i prefer nendoroid hirasawa Ui(coming soon), nendoroid Nodoka, and nendoroid Sawa-chan..
    maybe jun as well..