Monday, October 4, 2010

Black Rock Shooter Figma

Finally !!
what I've waited for so long..
my BRS figma has arrived at noon..
it came with my DI Stage: 02 extension
She is so cool !!
I'm satisfied with this figma..
i love the rock cannon and her hair

and here are several photos of her..
Hi ! What's Up??

Rock Cannon!!
She is cool isn't she?

so, wanna buy one?
or maybe buy a lot of her so that someday you can sell her in a high price.


  1. Have you check amazon japan an yahoo auction japan Nendoroid and Figma BRS price drop like crazy

  2. I just checked it!

    I'm so lucky i didn't buy her a lot in purpose of investing..
    the price drop so far..
    maybe this is because the abundant supply..

    I'm thinking of buying another her to make BRS army..
    but, *check my wallet*
    i have no money left