Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Nendoroid Kobayakawa Rinko's Review

Yesterday, I got my Kobayakawa Rinko
too bad, my Takane Manaka hasn't arrived
So I checked her condition and took her pictures for the review

Kobayakawa Rinko comes with a lot of things
she comes with three different face-plates, a lot of additional hands, and one MP3 player
how cool is that!

Name : Kobayakawa Rinko
Number :112
Origins : Love Plus
Sculptor : Maruhige
Manufacturer : Good Smile Company
Price : 3500 Yen
Release Date : September 2010
Further Information : Production Assistance by Nendoron.
Rinko's Box

What Do you get from her..
lots of faces..
I love it..>.<

Confused and Sad face

I don't know what is the exact name for this one..
but it is cute and funny
I bought her because of this face (and the MP3 player of course)

Kissing Face..
this shy, kissing face is the "trademark" of Love Plus

five additional hands, two of them is wearing a wristwatch, one of them is holding something, two others are just ordinary hands
get another leg and MP3 player with headset..

This is how the headset work
GSC put magnets inside the hair part, right under the ears, so that the headset will attach to the ear
nice job..

and this is Kobayakawa Rinko and her straight face..
her hair just looks like mine

overall, Rinko is good for me..
the price is very reasonable for the accessories that we get..
three additional faces is rarely happened in Nendoroid's line
so far, i just know some of nendoroid that come with three additional faces
Hachune Miku (3 hachune faces and 1 blank face)
Kagamine Len (shy face, singing face, straight face, blank face)
Kagamine Rin (>.< face, smile face, singing face, blank face)
the upcoming Milky Holmes (talking face, crying face, angry face, > < face)

I don't really know for other nendos since the more than faces nendo that I have only them
I think Manaka comes with three additional faces too..
but, i still haven't get it..
maybe she is somewhere in the air (shipping) or in the Indonesian Custom (the one who like to hold others package and charge a lot of tax on it)

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