Thursday, October 21, 2010

Photo Session Again

Another  photo session that i did a few days ago..
still practicing and learning about my camera..

I took the photos of my nendoroids collaborated with Sylvanian Collection
some of the photos I took it from right inside the display shelve where I put my sylvanian collections and my figures collection
so it's kind of dark (that is in purpose, so that the light is clear enough to be seen)

What Are You Looking At??!
This is my Living Room

Sleeping Beauty

Kokonoe Rin is having some fun with her friends

Usa Mimi is explaining something..

Kagami Kuro is Listening to Usa Mimi

They are having a lot of fun..

Please leave some comments for the photos
I'm in the learning process
any kind of critics and suggestion is accepted..


  1. I love the lighting (lamp) in some of the rooms. Is that installed by default on the Sylvanian set or is it a D.I.Y (do it yourself)?

  2. if you buy the Sylvanian willow house, you will get two lamps
    one is for the bedroom (actually you can make any kind of room with that space) with Sumomo
    and the other is the living room (the one with sofa and fire place in it)

    but i bought an additional lamp for the dining room..