Sunday, October 10, 2010

My New Camera

Yesterday, I bought a new camera for taking pictures of my Nendoroids..
I bought Sony Alpha Nex 5 double kit (16mm and 18~55mm)
I'm satisfied with the camera..
I can take better pictures of my nendoroids so you will be able to see good quality of pictures in my blog..

the function of this camera is simple
i like it so much..
so, just wait and see what pictures that I will upload to my blog
and believe me, it will be better than my B;ackberry camera..


  1. I thought you plan buy lumix GF-1 at first ???

  2. yeah i did..
    but, considering that the GF2 will come out soon, so why would I buy GF1?
    even though it's proven that GF1 is good enough for interchangeable camera,but my mother prefer Sony rather than Panasonic.
    maybe it's because the brand loyalty..

    about me, i just like both of them
    it doesn't matter which one I bought because both of them have same functions

    and, i like my nex 5
    easy to use for new comers like me