Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Photo Session With Nex 5

Having a new camera with me, make me want to take a lot of pictures..
I'm quite new in photography world so these photos is a trial and error to make a good picture..

Yui in Action

Happy Circle

Figma Black Rock Shooter

Dinner Time !!

In the Music Room

 What are you looking at???

Sweet Kaito

well, i thing that's all..
i will make another photo session next time..
but i should finish my homework first..
leave comment if you like it..


  1. Nice photos! Is that captured with NEX-5?!

    p.s.: Need more bokeh photos ... ^^

  2. yeah..
    it's taken by my new Nex-5
    i like this camera
    so easy to use
    and the result is satisfying..

    later, I'll post bokeh photos