Monday, December 27, 2010

Another Photo Contest from GSC

Still remember Wonderful Hobby Life For You last season?
The one that was held on July 2010 with photo contest #3?

it's coming again..
for the Winter celebration..
and it will be another photo contest from GSC..
and the prize are AWESOME..

I don't really care about Macbook Air or PS3..
but I really want the Nerf Vulcan..
which are the third place prize..

for further information, please check  whl4u
The web is in Japanese..
but I think you can use Google translation to translate that..

Well, good luck!


  1. is the contest also for foreigner ?? this looks different from before since no english translation.

  2. I think so because one of the form explanation (address) says that if you are living outside japan you must fill street, city,country, and Zip code..
    Maybe the haven't make the translation yet..
    I used Google translation to translate it though..