Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Figma Dead Master's Review

Figma Black Rock Shooter has been reviewed last week..
Now, it's time for her rival, Dead Master..

Name : Figma Dead Master
Number : SP0123
Origin : Black Rock Shooter
Sculptor : Asai (APSY) Masaki
Manufacturer : Max Factory
Price : 3000 yen
Release Date : October 2010

The Box of Figma Dead Master
Large window just like BRS'
We can see the Death Scythe which is so cool..

Inside the box..
Nothing special since we have seen it from the window

As we can see, Dead Master only comes with one additional faceplate, licking face
It's too bad because I think there are several good faces that can be made..
And she comes with two Skulls and we can close or open the mouth of the skull (cute)
Additional hands to hold the Death Scythe and other hands..
and of course her Death Scythe and Stand Base for her and her Skulls

 Simple Pose that she can do..
She is hard to be balanced and hard to pose because her skirt is hard PVC
Not like BRS who has flexible cloak, DM's skirt is not elastic
and her shoes have high heels so it will be hard to make her stand without her stand base..
But you can trick it with her death scythe..

 I like this pictures..
She looks so cool and challenging..
It took about 5 minutes to make her pose like this because it's hard to be balanced..
but when she balanced, she will not fall unless there is an earthquake..

So, do you like BRS series?
I love it..
and I will collect both Figmas and Nendoroids for BRS series..
they are so awesome and satisfying..

Haven't get her?
too bad..
You'll regret if you don't have her..