Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ika Musume De GESO!!!

New Anime??
New Favorite Character??

The last few weeks, I watched Ika Musume Anime
since I am called "cumi" (it's Ika in Japanese), I feel I should watch the anime
and yes, I'm infected with Ika Musume's charm..
I really like her..
She is so cute and funny..

So, what's the big deal?
I believe that Ika Musume will be made in nendoroid version..
and the prototype is made already by Yukiwo Ageta, one of the GSC sculptor..

So, this is Ika Musume in anime

 Cute isn't she?
this one is the chibi Ika Musume that appear in the anime..
and I'm 100% sure that it will be made into nendoroid size..

and this one is the prototype that were made..

Oh no!!..
I can't wait for her..
I must have the nendo!!

Seems that GSC is a little bit too late..
there are several figures of Ika Musume

made by fans..

Ika Musume PVC figure by Wave..
this one is great..
I'm considering to buy it..
maybe this will be my first PVC figure..
just pray that I get a lot of money so I can buy this one..


  1. Degeso~ definietly this might become your next mascot right ;) cumi

  2. definitely de geso!

    She will be my new mascot..
    Ika Musume chan..
    she's so cute..