Saturday, December 18, 2010

Nendoroid Ciel Phantomhive's Review

Remember the cute Bo-chan from Kuroshitsuji?
yup! Ciel Phantomhive
The young master from Phantomhive family..
Good Smile Company has made his butler, Sebastian Michaelis long ago
now, it his turn to be part of you collection
Name : Ciel Phantomhive
Number :117
Origins : Kuroshitsuji
Sculptor : Abe Takumi
Manufacturer : Good Smile Company
Price : 3500 Yen
Release Date : September 2010
Further Information : Come with tea set for Sebastian

The Box
Looks so elegant with the black color

What is inside the box
you see the shinny chair??
cute isn't it?

Ciel comes with two different part of bodies
one for standing and the other one for sitting pose included with his hands
he also comes with Sebastian's hands and tea set..
Nice GSC, if we buy Ciel that's mean we have to buy Sebastian too..
otherwise, the hands will be useless..

look clearly to the tea set..
it is so classic and so detail..
with this tea set, i can make a butler-master pose..

well, overall, Ciel is good enough for a nendoroid..
even though he has less accessories for himself, but his chair is the first reason why i bought him
(including his arrogant and angry face)
only two faceplate that we get while the other nendo comes with three or four faceplate..

I wonder, will GSC make nendoroid Ciel in woman dress (the one that he is disguising as a lady)
and will GSC make Lady Elizabeth Nendoroid?
well, we'll see then..


  1. Hmmm ... seeing the parts and accessories included in the package, I guess Nendoroid Ciel is worth a buy. Well ... let's see whether I have some "unused order slot" in my pre-order list ... ^^;

  2. lol..
    it is really worth to buy..
    i really like the chair and his arrogant face..
    even his own accessories is not that much, but we still can pose him in a various way..
    buy him before it's too late

  3. Is it possible to put Sebastian's arms on Ciel?