Wednesday, December 29, 2010

GSC PhotoCon Translation

Maybe I can help a little about the translation
the first one that you need to now is the rules

Rules and Regulations
- No Photography Equipment Required (you can use any kind of camera)
- One Person Can Only Submit One Photo
- Image Size of the Photo Should Be 3MB or Less
- Submit the Photo on the Submission Time
- Entries Can Not Be Returned or Cancelled
- Entries Will Be Shown on Public Events or Exhibition
- Image That Are Not Safe For Works is Prohibited (NSFW image usually vulgar)
- At Discretion of Management Side, Some Product Sending Will Be Delayed, Please Note
- If Applicant Submit Double Photo or Submit Similar Photo It Will Violate the Rules and Will Be Disqualified and Winners Maybe Canceled
- All Entries from Twitpic Will Be Published In
- Photos Will Be Listed in Order of the Vote Gotten
- Photos Maybe Published on Magazines or Others

If you have entered information incorrectly, special awards can not be sent.

When it is judged to be equivalent to the following organizers of the work content, the organizers and carry out any notification, etc., shall be excluded from that review.
- Contrary to the Regulations apply.
- Contrary to public order, or against those that might.
Copyright of third parties, violates the right of portrait and other rights, or those that could compromise.
- Third party to slander, or a violation of their privacy.
- Violation of law, or those linked to criminal activity.
- Match those identified by the organizers and the spirit of this contest.
- Shall not preclude the proper operation of this contest.
- Data unreadable.

Personal information is obtained when application is properly managed in accordance with law, be used for purposes unrelated to competition and selection process and notification is not the result.The winners may be asked to provide personal information relating to the award process separately.Personal information is maintained by the owner, disclosure, misappropriation and take appropriate measures to prevent falsification.

Okay,I use Google translator and try to interpret them correctly..
maybe it's not the exact meaning, but I think that close enough..
If you have any question, you can ask me or ask someone who are good in Japanese..

Well, Good Luck Guys..

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