Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Figma BRS' Review

I have already made Nendoroid's review and Revoltech's review
so it's turn for Figma's review..
and the first figma to be reviewed is..
Black Rock Shooter

Name : Figma Black Rock Shooter
Number : SP012
Origin : Black Rock Shooter
Sculptor : Asai (APSY) Masaki
Manufacturer : Max Factory
Price : 2800 yen
Release Date : August 2010
Further Information : Come with BRS DVD..

This is the Figma BRS box..
as we can see, there is a DVD 50min sticker on it..
Blue checkers designed box looks so cool..
The big window make us can see what's probably inside the box..
and it's so tempting since we can see rock canon and the sword clearly..

So, this is inside the box..
everything can be seen even if we don't open the box..
the faceplate, the rock canon and the sword..
only the stand base that is hidden..

so these are what we will get if we buy her..
BRS figma (of course!), rock canon, sword, two additional faceplate, additional hair with blue flame on it, 3pairs of hands, 2 chains, and a stand base..
and, a 50 minutes DVD of BRS original anime..
what make this BRS perfect is the robe is flexible..
so her legs can move freely without being stuck by the robe..

So, this is one of the pose that I really like..
It's good that Max Factory give us the stand base for the rock canon..
BRS herself, can stand without any stand base (I think, most of figma can stand without stand base due to the flexible joint)
This figma is really cool!
lots of pictures can be made with a different poses..

Overall, this is the best figma that I have ever had..
(I sold my Lucky Star Figma because I've got the nendoroid version)
I love the joints and the details..
even though nendoroids are cuter, figma is awesome..
I think I''ll collect two lines of BRS series (figma and nendo) they are too good to be missed..

well, I give one more picture of her as a bonus..

so, what are you waiting for?
go get one of figma BRS..
before it's too late

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