Monday, December 20, 2010

Revoltech Yotsuba's Review

Now it's time for my revoltech to be reviewed..
my favorite revoltech (since I only have this one and danboard), Yotsuba

Yotsuba comes in two version..
the regular version and the summer DX version
so let's take a look of them

This one is the regular Yotsuba's Review

Name : Koiwai Yotsuba
Origins : Yotsuba&!
Sculptor : Enoki Tomohide
Manufacturer : Kaiyodo
Release Date : September 2007 (re released at October 2010)

The box is so simple
it show Yotsuba inside who looks like calling us to buy her..

in this is inside the box..
we can see that she comes with several additional parts

So here they are
She comes with Ice Cream, Gun, and additional head (with face on it)
I was wondering
why don't Kaiyodo give her additional face instead of additional head..
an she comes with two additional hands for holding the guns and ice cream..

Now, this one is Yotsuba Summer DX version

Name : Koiwai Yotsuba DX Summer Vacation Set
Origins : Yotsuba&!
Manufacturer : Kaiyodo
Price : 2477Yen
Release Date : August 2008
This is the box..
We can see that the window of this box is larger so that we can see what we will get if we buy her..

Inside the box we can see that she comes with  a lot of accesories
this one is amazing..
compared to it's original price (around 2500 Yen)

As we can see..
we get so much stuff in her package..
Now she comes with additional face instead of additional head (which is better in my opinion)
she get two different kind of bags
one ice cream (i have two ice creams now)
a net for catching bugs
a head and a massive amount of hands

Both of them are wonderful!!
I love the summer Dx one..
it is so hard to find this summer DX version..
I spent about  months to find someone who will sell her with a reasonable price

the differences besides the accessories of this two Yotsuba is the outfit..
Summer Dx Yotsuba is wearing a colorful T-shirt while regular Yotsuba only wearing a whit T-shirt

Her shoes are in different color too..
For her joint is just the same..
a standard Revoltech joints that can be moved freely (even though figma's joints are better)
because of the joints, she can stand without stand base..
what a perfect figure to play with..

I like taking pictures of her..
Her face is so expressive..
So, will you buy one?

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  1. Revoltech makes some awesome figures. I love the Starscream figure they did!

    Yotsuba is awesome and I think her character has a hidden meaning that people should understand. I wrote about it at: